Beginners Training CoursesBeginners Training Courses

Everyone these days owns a camera of some kind, if its a mobile phone with a camera on or a little compact camera. A lot more people have invested in a DSLR camera to use for personal use or just a hobby. When you purchase this amazing camera do you just stick it in automatic and point and shot? Have you ever sat down and read the manual or thought, I'll learn as I go, but never got to that point.  

Can you get some amazing photos and then wonder how you got that shot or want to know a bit more about the set up and workings of your camera? Then a little time and 1-2-1 training may help you. Due to many emails and questions over the past months I am now doing 1-2-1 training on helping you use your camera at home or out and about to get lovely shots.  

On the session I cover:

  • Using your camera away from "Automatic" Mode - do you want to learn how to get that blurry background straight out of the camera. Starting with ISO, Aperture and shutter speed and how these three things are all connected.
  • Learning how to interact with your subject and to get the best out of them.
  • Composition - What you see and how to frame an image.
  • LIGHT - Most important thing to taking an amazing photo is Understanding light and where it comes from

If you are still interested and I have not bored you yet thats great... 


lisalogofinal-1 copylisalogofinal-1 copy    1-2-1 Session - 1 hour session at your home or studio - £99

      A bespoke session tailored to your camera and understanding how to use your camera.

lisalogofinal-1 copylisalogofinal-1 copy   1-2-1 Session - 2 Hour session at your home, location or studio - £149

     Bespoke session tailored to your camera needs and what to photograph including how to edit your photos.


Understanding of photoshop is highly recommended or editing software you have. I am a cannon user and understand the working of cannon camera, however I do have knowledge on different makes. Please inform me of what make you have. 


For more information or to have chat please drop me a message and we can go from there. 

This training is available within a 5 mile radius from Rugby, Warwickshire. 

Please note I do not offer dance training photography within a 50 mile radius of my studio. 

Look forward to hearing from you. Lisa x