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Brand New USB Flash Drives

August 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

They are finally here!!! Yes Im talking about my new Custom USB drives. I have wanted to get these for so long, but with one thing and another it's taken me till now to get it sorted. I used to think that burning a disk with all the bride and grooms images on was easy and a nice way to show case my images, after all I have been doing that from the beginning.

These days CD's or DVD's don't last forever. However, how many times have you popped a disk out of a CD player or your computer and left the disk on the side (saying Oh I'll put that away later!! Thats me to a T!!)  Thats how disks become damage and then the information stored on them can't be used. Now, I back up all my bride and grooms wedding on the mass of hard drivers I have, but my couples may not have the facility to do that. So I thought I would become proactive (a good thing for me) and make the move to custom USB drives. This is a safer, easier method to store slideshows and images and they will last forever. As long as you don't lose them.....

I know couples love albums and something to show the grandparents but if you don't want the album a little box to treasure with all your wedding photos on to keep forever.

A few images below, I hope you like.

For Bride & Groom Packages Only.


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