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Ruth & Andy's Hollywood Photobooth

September 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Photobooths can be brilliant fun and we experienced not only an amazing Wedding, but a very enjoyable and funny night reception and photobooth. I'm sure I will be writing more about the day of this wedding but at the moment I can only show the images  from the photobooth, as that is all I have had time to edit yet. The Holleywood theme of this wedding went through the venue, the bridesmaids the ushers and all the guests came dressed up like they were going to an Oscar party. It was lovely to see everyone had made an extra effort. 

We set up a green screen photobooth and though it looked funny to stand in front of the final effects came out well, and most of all Andy and Ruth liked them. I can honestly say it was one of the best photo booths we had done in a while, the guests were great and had a good giggle with the fancy dress. 

I have shared a few of my favorites below, to see the whole album please get in touch with Ruth or Andy who would give you the direct link. 

The winner for me has to be Andy and Ruth but the star or this images is bob the builder all dressed up. I laugh about this now.

The winner of the most photographers has to go to this gentleman. Even getting on the Hong Kong Phooey outfit.

A close second winner is the gentleman above who had almost as many photos. 

Hey Baby Spring 2016 - Emerald City Theatre MAC_9882 (2)


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