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Abi & Seren

May 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

Im sure every photographer can start to get a little bored with doing the same shoots again. Same lights, backdrops, set up, oh my list could go on. Well in recent months I have been on a couple of training courses. First one being a new born training day, set up of lights in a working studio and my last one being out and about on location. I always want to learn more. In the last month a local photographer and I got together and used our own kids as models and tried out technics when there were not loads of other photographers around. We had a afternoon changing light set ups, different colour backdrops and stepping out of our comfort zone. 

A week later I had more ideas and wanted to try these out again. However getting my kids in the studio again would only turn into a night mare. So I roped my god-daughters into helping me out.

They have now got a new nickname and are currently called my "God-models" Both of them were amazing on the day. I was looking for dark and moody photos without smiles. However the out takes of them smiling turned out so well I had to include them. Abi has, and always will be, my special model. Since she was born I took far too many photos of her. In fact one of my first images I took and got blown up was of this beautiful little girl sitting in the boot of my car eating an ice cream. When I see that image it remembers me how much I have grown as a photographer. So Abi will always hold a  place in my heart as how old she is, is how long I have been working at photography. The amount of photoshoots I put her mum and dad through when I first started out may have been a few too many. But they have known me a long time and without the help of my dear friend Sonia I wouldn't be doing photography now. Its down to her pushing me to do things and believing in me when I didn't. So, a big thank you to your family xx



This video is amazing and my girls (god-models) love and adore their Aunty Lisa. We have always believed in you because we have always known how talented and determined you are. You can and will always do anything you put your mind to because of who you are Love you loads Sonia and family xx
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