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Newborn Baby Leighton

May 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, Baby Leighton has been in my diary for quite a while. Trying to book a new born session in can be quite hard. As who knows when they are going to make their appearance into the world. I always pencil in 2 weeks before the due date and two weeks after. Almost every time I have managed to photograph newborns before they are 14 days old. A good time to get a session is between 5-14 days old. But saying that I have had babies in the studio upto 21 days old and managed to get poses done safely. My main concern which always has been is the safety of any baby I photograph. I won't ever put any baby in a risky situation, no matter what. For all the training courses I have been on, you don't just get taught how to photograph them, you also get shown how to do it safely. If the baby is too awake or not in a deep enough sleep I won't even try some poses.

Little Leighton slept well during his session but he didn't want to be moved sometimes and taking the lead from the baby we soon change poses and start again. There are always a lot of shhhhhh's going on during a newborn session, a lot of relaxing music and heart beat sounds, and of course the room is extra hot. By the end of the session it feels like mum, dad and I have been in a sauna and not a studio. So making the baby comfy is my main concern. 

So.. Enough of me going on about baby safety (think I have made my point) and now, to show off Little Leighton. It was a real treat to do his baby session and please we managed to get some baby smiles!



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