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Copyright Images. Is it ok to Steal?

July 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ok so this maybe quite a rant but at 5.30 am when the house is quite Im going to share my thoughts and put it out there. Is it ok to Steal?

Would you go into a shop and say "Cant afford that but I like it! Doesn't matter I will take it? Sounds crazy hey?!

But no its the same when people go to a photographers web site and do a screen grab of an image of their daughter, friend or family member and cut our water marks and share it all over Facebook. Some people may think, thats ok it's free advertising for the photography? Humm no!! There is nothing worse than seeing your image that you have worked hard on, edited it and then someone takes a photo of it and shares a bad low res image.

You may think Im blowing this out of content and maybe I am, but this keeps happening, not just to me but other photographers who spend hours editing their newborn baby images, family images or events. The biggest comment I get is "its too much money" "Im not buying it" "£20 for a digital image" "How much?" Ok £20 does sound a lot for a digital image, but you then get to keep that image, get it printed as many times as you like, thats your choice. Or if £20 is too much you could purchase a 7x5 print at £7. Or if you don't like the prices don't steal! Easy...

Well if you think about  getting a photograph done of your son or daughter at an event, you must think, hold on a minute this is not going to be free? I will have to pay something for a image. As the photographer has turned up and is taking 100's of photos for an event for free, so to earn money out of this (yes it is a business) I go to work just like you do. The fact that Im a free lance photographer and you may work in office is still the same, I still have bills to pay like everyone else. 

I suppose my point is why bother? Why would you want an image that is cropped to the side of your daughters face or just to the top of her head and is so small you can't really do much with it apart from sharing it on Facebook. So next time you see a fab image that looks a bit strange as the image is cropped wrong you may just think that someone likes to steal things. Just because digital images are not something you hold in your hands like a new coat or a new pair of boots its still stealing!!!!

So for all my customers past and present I have finally gotten around to changing my logo which covers the whole photo. I am sad that I had to do this as i love showing a viewing gallery with no distraction but this has happened to many times. My new watermark logo is be the following below. Water LogoWater Logo

So next time you really want that image think about what has gone into getting it. Its not just about a photographer taking a photo, its about running a business. 



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