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30th Cakesmash

May 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I don't even know where to begin to explain what we got up to the other evening, but I must start by saying it was an evening of "I'm not too sure what to expect?" "What is a cake smash?" And why the hell are we doing a 30-year-old cake smash when they are aimed at 1-year-olds. Well, a couple of months ago I saw a photographer do a 30-Year-old cake smash in America and I got to reading the blog. It looked like fun and I had never taken photographs of anyone of this age. The next step was to find someone who was going to be 30!!! Haha, and this year my sister-in-law George had the pleasure of celebrating her's. So I put the idea to her and to see if she was up for doing something different. Luckily her reply was "hell yer" So we got to planning the evening and what we were going to do. Cake? Banners? Cupcake? Drinks? Snacks? And people!! We decided to make it into a mini party for her birthday celebrations (which has lasted about a month!)

Some people don't understand why we do cake smashes for little children, and if you don't like them then that's fine, but doing a cake smash for a child captures them in a different light, captures their smiles and shows their personalities off. Different faces, trying different things, at least half of the kids I photograph are not always impressed with the cake but love the bath splash at the end. However, there was no way on earth that I was going to be getting George naked and put her in the bath! Haha. 

So the evening was planned for Friday evening and everyone arrived (with lots of drinks) after it took the girls a good 10 minutes to open a bottle of prosecco the drinks started flowing. It didn't take George long before we sat her down in front of the cake and let her enjoy eating with no kids wrapped around her neck. As you can see from our photos the mess took over rather fast when we decided to give her a helping hand. Having two photographers in the room that do a lot of cake smashes may have been asking for trouble, as I decided to smash a cupcake into George's face while Sarah (our other photography friend) got the icing on a rather large spoon and pretty much wiped it all over George's face. This is usually something we would want to do with a 1-year-old but some things you can't do!!!

Still looking a bit clean all the other girls decided to get in and help out with the cake, which ended up in a cake fight! Everyone joined in and handled getting covered in cake rather well. 

So the questions comes back to "Why do a 30-year-old cake smash?" And my answer is because we can. Why not. We spend far too much of our time being mums and running around doing everything for our families. So Friday night was about being silly, not acting our age and enjoying ourselves. I have 2 very brilliant photos that could be in the running for calendar girls, but I won't be sharing this on here. They are for George and for her to look back on in years to come and smile. 

So, to the girls who came and just went with the evening thank you so much. It was a lovely evening and I for one had a very bad head the next day!!!

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