Thinking of new and different ideas for christmas presents can be hard, even more so when you have a massive family. This year the amaing Silvester family decided to all get together and have a family photoshoot for their mum. The last time I got the chance to do this was at a wedding quite a few years ago where we were all squashed into a little room sitting and laying over photos. Since then everyone has grown up, so having a new family photo session was the main aim before christmas. Starting off with group photo we managed to get everyone in, though it may have been a little squished, then getting all the grandchildren together on their own and finishing off with each family. Their photo shoot was a christmas present and therefore I havent shown any photos (just in case) but I have heard the present went down well with their mum 😉 Making memories xx





For more information on Group photoshoots please drop me a message on or give me a call on 07903733270. I can have groups upto 15 in the studio and even more out on location. Have a special get together coming along. Get someone else to take the photos so you can be in them, dont always be stuck behind your phone. Many thanks to Becci for organising everything with the family.