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Want to know about me?

Well, let me begin… I like photos, love my two children to bits, love photographing them (though that’s getting hard with a 7-year-old. However I have a 5-year-old who will be photographed too much....) boiled eggs on a Sunday morning, sun shining through the bedroom window, large café latte on a cold day; warm hats, long scarves, walking my chocolate lab Elvis, going camping, hiking up hills, watching the sun set, festivals, dancing; comfy shoes, listening to love songs, Jack Johnston, Newton Faulkner, Eva Cassidy, seeing family, drinking wine, drinking wine with my girlfriends, BBQ,s, restaurants, new lens, bags, snowboarding, abseiling, Africa, travelling the world, and my husband Paul. I love life and intend to make the most of it with doing something I love….

I have always loved wedding photography and I always will. Seeing that special moments between two people always makes me feel soppy. However in recent years, my passion for Newborn and family Photography has started to take over since the arrival of my two children. Photographing a baby who is so very small – to capture that precious moment for the rest of their life still makes me a little nervous – but when we get that "shot" it's so worth it.

I live in Rugby, Warwickshire and have a lovely studio in Hillmorton. I'm always in and out and provide studio sessions by appointment only.  


With this space I can offer sessions to larger groups and children can come and have a playtime before I start to photograph. I want people to feel relaxed as the more they are relaxed the better the photos I can get.

To have a chat please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa x