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Cara & John Wedding Photography Mythe barn

July 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Planning a wedding is not just a little thing that can happen in a couple of days, but some people plan months or years ahead. I met John and Cara last year and we talked about their plans for the wedding and what they wanted being photographed, Mythe Barn is a new venue for me so a few weeks before their wedding we had our last meeting and went over a list and where to have photos taken on the day. In 6 years the unthinkable happened to me and I missed John and Cara's wedding. Believe me when I say it was not from not wanting to be there, but a family holiday took a turn for the worse when my little girl came down with chickenpox 4 days before we were due to fly home. Not always a major thing! But 3 days later John & Cara's wedding took place. Needless to say i was going out of my mind being so far away, this is where a good network of photographers is always good to help. My husband Paul works along side me these days and so it was to be Paul and an amazing lady called Vicky, from Victoria Jane Photography. Vicky and I work very similar at weddings so it was like editing my photos after the wedding. All said and done the wedding was covered, John and Cara got their photos and hopefully a day they will remember always.


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cockerill xx


Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_01Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_01 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_02Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_02 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_03Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_03 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_04Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_04 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_05Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_05 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_06Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_06 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_07Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_07 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_08Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_08 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_09Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_09 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_10Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_10 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_11Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_11 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_12Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_12 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_13Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_13 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_14Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_14 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_15Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_15 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_16Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_16 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_17Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_17 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_18Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_18 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_19Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_19 Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_20Mythe_Barn_Wedding_Photographer_20

I hope you like viewing these images, there are lots and lots more but you need to get the information off the bride and groom. I would just like to say thank you so much to Vicky for jumping in at the last minute and an even bigger thank you to Paul.  Not for just taking the usual photos but for listening to me moan and putting up with everything I made him do to get ready for the wedding. It may be Lisa Scott Photography but he is the back bone behind the scenes you dont really see until the day. Credit where credit is due. L x 









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