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June 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

For people who know me, they know how much I love child photography. As we all know children grown so fast, capturing a child's look at a certain age of their life and keeping it forever is amazing to me. I believe portraits should be timeless and a photo that is taken today can be kept on the wall forever if you get that perfect moment.

A few months ago I went on a group training course to be taught by Gary Hill who specialise's in children's portraits, well last week I had the pleasure of Gary coming to my studio and train me and my friend who is a local photographer Sarah from Blossom Lane Photography in my environment with my lights, backgrounds and props. It was an amazing day and I could of asked Gary to come back the next day.  I always get asked why am I friends with a photographer who is close by and why do we do the same courses, well I could go on all day about this, but to cut a long story short, all I need to say is "we may take the same photos but our editing is very different, we have very different style's and my editing may not be everyones cup or tea and the same for Sarah. Also its great to bounce ideas around with someone who knows what Im talking about!! Believe me when I say my husband gets rather bored when I go on about an amazing photo's I just took, or the fact that I have made a complete mess in the lounge when Im making new dresses!! Also good to have another person on the same wave length as me. 

Training - So back to our training day... 8 hours, 3 models and amazing parents who took their time out to come to my studio for the day. The children where amazing and listened to everything they were asked to do, in fact I don't think we could have got 3 better children for what we needed on that day.  So we were learning about taking timeless fine art portraits aimed at children. I now have to get into the habit of setting up my lightings differently, using a different lens (as i always use my old faithful one) but looking back at the images I tool that day I will be making the change right away. I was also taught about dressing the children, and by that I mean letting parents know what to put their children in and not. For example its great when a little girl loves Peppa pig she would wear nothing else but Pepper Pig things, but having a portrait with a massive Peppa Pig on is great for a couple of months, but when they are 7-8 I don't think they will like to look at that image dressed head to toe in a Pink Peppa Pig out fit. So Ive been busy making different colour dresses, which look great in colour or black and white. These dresses are something different to use and every little girl likes to be a princess. 

Moving over to what boys should wear, are very basic colours, whites, greys, blacks or blue again very plain. After all its the clothes we really want to capture but them, we don't want any distraction from the children by over powering bright colours.  So with this in mind we got photographing.


First model of the day was a lovely young lady called Abi. Who has modelled a few times for me in the past!! (May have to add that this amazing girl is my god-daughter and got me into photography when she was a baby) Abi started off with a plain dress then moving over to a latte dress, we played around with different lighten technique to create these images. 


Abi-02aAbi-02a Abi-04aAbi-04a Abi-03aAbi-03a


Next up was Summer. A little dancer in the making and knows how to listening to everything that was asked of her.  A dream model. Thank you so much Summer. 

Summer-01 copyaSummer-01 copya Summer-01ASummer-01A Summer-02aSummer-02a Summer-04aSummer-04a Summer-05aSummer-05a

Our last model of the day was Jack. All I can say is WOW... What a handsome young man. At the end of the session Jack's little brother came in which we managed to talk him into having a few photos, then to finish off the set of photos Gary talked Dad into joining for one. All the boys together. 


IMG_2354IMG_2354 IMG_2358IMG_2358 IMG_2374IMG_2374 IMG_2375IMG_2375 IMG_2387-EditIMG_2387-Edit

IMG_2423IMG_2423 IMG_2440IMG_2440

Moments like these should be treasured for ever and shown off.  Make the time to get your children together and capture them while they are still growing, photoshoots don't have to be just for Weddings or newborns, but while they are growing into the wonderful young adults they will become. 

Photo sessions are available at my studio in Wood Street. If you are not sure this is right for you give me a call and have a chat. I still offer fun sessions and I always listen to what mum and dad want, but I can always add some extra ideas in after. This is my love and passion and I want to show it off by photographing your children. I am fully CRB checked and hold full license insurance to carry out photographing anyone. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you like the photos. If you wish to leave any comments please feel free, would love thoughts back on these images. Kind Regards Lisa x x


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