Where do I even start for a wedding like this. Working with Carmel and Pete made the day go by amazingly. As soon as I arrived at Carmel’s house for the bridal prep the atmosphere was so relaxed and lovely to be around. Getting the small details at this time of the day is so important as there are a lot of small items that can be forgotten about in years to come. 

The church service was held at Daventry at St Augustine’s and afterwards we headed over to Rugby School and the temple Speech Rooms. This venue is one that makes you stop in your tracks and think WOW. With time not being on our side we managed to take Carmel and Pete away from the crowds for some alone time. With large group weddings it’s always so important to get a group photo, and this opportunity was not missed. Out in the main courtyard we managed to get a brilliant group shot from the open windows on the 3rdfloor looking down at everyone so all could be seen. 

As the day moved one we headed to the Temple speech room for dinner,  at this point of the day the heavens opened. I ran ahead and when I looked back there was Pete and Carmel running behind me, managing to capture a photo with shoes in hands and dressed pulled up. 

The atmosphere in the room was a mixture of good friends catching up and the loud nose of laughter and chatting. The evening kicking off with a group singing to which is was a lovely surprise to Pete, this lead into cutting of the cake and then the first day. Before we headed away Pete, Carmel (and a very experience guests/helper/friend) Sonia came out to the main gates of Rugby School to capture a night time shot under the umbrella. This of course was needed to due to the lovely weather we have most summer evenings with showers of rain. 

My very last shot of the day wasn’t of the bride and groom but a guest who wanted to get a photo of the famous Johnny Wilkinson. With a bit of photo merging and some laughs we got there!