Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page for the Complimentary Newborn Photography Session, where we aim to provide clarity on what to expect from this special offering and address any queries you might have.

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Yes this session is FREE. You have a Newborn Session of 2 hours (Usually £65) and a complimentary 8×6 print of your choice.

To secure your session date, a £25 deposit is required. This helps ensure commitment, as no-shows can disrupt scheduling. Rest assured, the full deposit is refunded at the end of your session, making the session effectively free. However, if cancellation occurs without prior notice, the deposit is non-refundable. Preparing for a newborn session involves meticulous planning, including selecting and preparing blanket colors.

Your images will be ready for viewing within 2 weeks following your session. You can choose to view them either in-studio or through a private online gallery. Please note that online viewing may sometimes present challenges in clarity due to watermarks. If this poses an issue, you’re encouraged to schedule an in-person viewing session for clearer selection of your images.

Your complimentary newborn session encompasses the session time along with a complimentary 8×6 print (not exchangeable for a digital file). Should you desire additional images, whether in print or digital format, they will be available for purchase. I provide a range of customizable packages to accommodate various needs and budgets, starting at £199 for 5 digital images. These images are yours to print and cherish indefinitely. Should you wish to expand your collection, further packages are available for purchase.

May I begin by posing a question? If you arrived promptly for your session but found me still engaged with another client who arrived late, how would you feel?

Each session is allocated a specific timeframe, allowing me to maintain a schedule and prepare the studio for subsequent sessions. Punctuality is crucial to this process.

In the event that you are running behind schedule (a situation we all encounter at times), please note that your session will still conclude two hours from the agreed-upon start time.

Beyond being a photographer, I am also a mother with familial responsibilities to uphold.

Unfortunately, I don’t offer single print sales for individual purchase. However, you have the option to purchase our Print Only package, which includes a selection of 8 prints. Please note that I don’t sell prints individually. You’ll receive one complimentary 8×6 print

Additionally, with any digital package purchase you’ll have the rights to print as many photos as you like from the digital files.


Want to Personalise your session?

With this special offer, you can secure your appointment in the studio for only £25. (This is completely refunded on the day of your session – as long as you turn up)

The session revolves around your baby’s needs and schedule. That is why we offer you exclusive use of the studio: there is always enough time which means no stress. Please bare in mind if you arrive late this will eat into your session time.

Every newborn session is custom styled for you: ahead of the shoot I send out a questionnaire which must be filled in no later than 48 hours before your session. You can choose the perfect colours and, on the day, we will have a selection of props ready for the baby.

Approximately 2 weeks after your session, you will come back to the studio for your viewing and ordering appointment. It’s here that you get to see your gallery and decide which of our packages and products suit your family and home best. Packages start from £199.

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Full Pricelist



Any questions at all before your session, please let me know, drop me a message on the form below and I will answer as soon as possible.