How Do you Choose a Newborn Photographer

How Do you Choose a Newborn Photographer?

Price… products… digital packages… What should you really look for when choosing the right photographer for your newborn baby?

And what are the other maybe more often overlooked aspects of this very special type of photography? For example… Is the photographer trained in safe posing? Can they confidently deal with a baby who doesn’t sleep? Have they got real reviews? 

This blog post guides you through the most important aspects of choosing the right photographer for your newborn photoshoot.

The importance of… the human side

Your newborn photographer will be amongst the first few people to hold your baby… so choosing the right person is essential.

Are you able to chat with your photographer before you book them? Do they seem to rush through the process, or take time to guide you through it?

Does your photographer seem to understand the needs that your baby has? Is their studio specialised?

When you have found a style of photography you like, that’s one step forward but there is so much more to look into than just turning up to a shoot on the day. 


There is no qualification to become a newborn photographer, however, there is plenty of specialist training available – from posing, to safety, styling etc.

When choosing your photographer, it is essential to ensure they have had professional training and they are fully insured.

This means they will be more experienced in understanding and reading baby, and ready to adapt the session to their needs.

You want your baby to feel happy, safe and sleepiness always helps. 

Newborn Photoshoots at Lisa Scott Photography

Over the last 9 years I have invested in my craft of newborn photographer. It has helped me so much having children of my own and looking out for signs when posing babies.

Listening to their sleep breaths is a big step for me. Are they breathing fast? Are they relaxed? Are they happy? If they are not they will soon wake up and cry. If this happens and I can’t settle we stop for cuddles.

At no point will I ever photograph a crying baby. I want to be able to get the perfect photo and if extra time is needed then so be it. I also don’t want you as a new mum or dad to worry about anything I do to get the photo. Ask any questions you like along the way. This may well be your first Photoshoot experience so please ask anything you like.

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime for families in and around Rugby.

To view more work, please visit the newborn gallery Or to book a session please visit the Contact Page.


  • I use sound in the studio to help baby stay settled. Look at the Baby Shhhher.
  • Have you heard of the Rockit? If not why not. You will see one in action on the day.