Behind the scenes of a newborn session with me

You may think that to have a newborn session so fast after giving birth is the last thing you would want to do. I understand that completely, as it was the last thing on my mind. 

To get out of the house within the first few weeks takes time, practice and sometimes pain and discomfort. I talk from experience as I remember us being a little apprehensive about taking our newly born bundle of joy out of the house, although we were also a little excited.

I can remember the time it took me to get out of the house after both my children. Both births were at the opposite ends of the scale, chalk and cheese. I was worried, unorganized and I didn’t really want to go to our planned newborn session. However, 10 years later I can honestly say that we are so, so pleased we did.

Lisa as a Mum...

When my little girl was born the first trip we took was to go on a newborn training day. I look back now and think I was either stupid or mad or possibly both. The course was one and a half hours drive away and then 5 hours learning the basics about the art of newborn photography with my new baby as the model. These moments we can’t get back and once the day was completed I was so pleased that had had made the effort. Did I feel like going that morning? No. Did I want to stay at home and rest? Yes. The only thing that exceeds our being glad that we did, is the fact that our children now look back on the images we had taken with absolute fascination, pleasure and a love that we had these images of them taken. That is what truly makes us glad we had these shoots.

So enough about my experience has a new mum and here’s to some guidance behind the scene of a newborn session. 

And… relax!

Cuppa Tea

Whether you are a tea or coffee person, trust me when I say that in a few weeks being able to sit down with a HOT cup of your favourite drink will sound like HEAVEN.

So when you get to the studio… 

Apart from feeding your baby, I can take care of ensuring your child is comfortable, warm and content so that they sleep well for the shoot. And… believe me I do not get offended if you feel sleepy, I simply want you to have your hot drink and take time to relax and recharge whilst we capture the images.

Now you are now probably wondering why we need the baby to be asleep during the session…

All about sleeping babies… and nappies

In an ideal world a baby will be fast asleep from the moment you arrive till you leave, however this never happens so please don’t think that it will. Having a sleeping baby makes a session go a little faster as baby can be moved a little easier when they are still and sleepy. 

Whether your baby is awake or asleep on arrival, I will ask you to undress him or her down to their nappy and then wrap them up in their blanket and just give them cuddles. If baby then falls asleep I start photos on my bean bag first. But if baby is awake please don’t panic, I have other ideas that helps them get to sleep.

Photographing babies with no nappies can look beautiful in photos but behind the scenes mess can and usually does happen. I always say, “it’s not a newborn shoot If I don’t get peed or pooed on at least once” 

The Session

Now that your baby is asleep (or very sleepy) and ready, the session begins!

Once your baby is calm and comfy, I will start posing them and snapping away. I always try to get a few different shots (from differing angles and distances) on a variety of setups with a different array of colours and backdrops.

If you are here, chances are that you have already scrolled through some newborn images and probably have some favourites… and you are wondering if we can take a similar photo with your little one.

The answer is… your baby decides and will let us know!

Every baby is different, and some poses simply do not suit some babies, and this is based on several factors such as your babies age, frame and indeed their personality.

Professional newborn photographers use what’s called a “baby led” workflow: in other words, we adapt our work to the baby at any single point in time.

We obviously start the session with a plan, which is based on what we know works with babies, but we must be ready to “read” the baby and change our plans in real time.

Have you ever seen a photo of a little cutie asleep in a basket… or bucket? 


Well, no matter what our plans may be, we will have to wait until the baby is completely relaxed before attempting a pose such as this. So if I realise the baby is asleep but their muscles are somehow tense… I might decide to wait a little longer before moving to this setup.

With a little help…

Throughout the session I may need a little bit of help from one of you to sit close to the baby if I cannot be close enough to be able to capture the shot. At no point would I ever leave your baby unattended, or without being supported in a safe place and in sight. Baby safety takes priority over any image captured. 


If this is your first baby, this maybe the first time you will be looking into a family photo shoot.

I know from experience that – at this point – your first thought might be “I don’t want to be in the photos! I don’t like the way I look in photos”.

This is natural and please do not stress about it: first, it is my job to ensure the session is a pleasant and relaxing experience for everyone.

Additionally, there are always ways to show that you were indeed there so that your child can see you with them as they grow.

This can simply (but effectively and artistically be) involving your hands and arms in an image, or a cuddle holding your baby in your arms.


Big brothers and sisters are of course invited to join in the session if you wish. They can come for the whole time or join halfway through the session. I can even photograph your baby on their own and then photograph their brother/sister on their own and merge the images together if this makes for a more rounded image of them together.

The main reason that I sometimes suggest this option, is that an older sibling can move fast. I would hate for them to move when holding a newborn baby. Again, baby safety always comes first, so in some instances, this is a perfect solution.  


The reveal! What happens after your Newborn Session

If I had to tell you what are the two sentences I hear more often in the studio, I would probably say “I can’t wait to see the photos!!!” and “It’s too hard to choose, we want them all!”

Since I know how hard it is to wait for your images, I always try to schedule your viewing and ordering appointment within 2 weeks from your shoot date.

Your viewing appointment is just as important as the session, because this is where your photos become “real”: we will take all the time you need to look over your gallery and personalised slideshow to enable you to decide which products and packages suit you best.

Whether you love the idea of a memory box, want prints for grandparents or simply some digital files, I will help you find the perfect products that your family will treasure forever.

Have questions about my newborn sessions? I would love to chat!

I have photographed over 200 babies so whatever doubts, apprehension or questions you might have… I am here to help!

Email or call 07903 733270, I can’t wait to learn more about you and your baby.