Where do I even begin with what has happened over the last few days? I really don't know where to start but here goes… Bare with me. 

This weekend I gain a qualification from The Guild of Photographers (www.photoguild.co.uk) at craftsman's level. If you are unsure what this is – here is what is involved. 

  • Our 'Craftsman' title is, as one would imagine, aligned to the exacting standards of a true 'Craftsman'. Therefore to attain this level we add an increasing level of professional critique to evaluate our members work. In other words, we get increasingly 'fussy' and look in minutiae at all the elements of photographic understanding. Those that achieve this accolade have demonstrated the finest technical skills and an exceptional creative and artistic 'eye'.

I decided to pick a theme to which I had a passion for and that would be dance. Many years ago now I used to dance and had the most amazing childhood by dancing and met life long friends through, so to now capture dance through photography is my dream project. For the last 7 months, I have worked with 7 very different dancers to try and create the movement of dance and capture that second in an image. I have to say a massive thank you to everyone involved as without them I wouldn't have been able to complete this. Grace, Sophie, Amy, Garth, Ella, Jas & Kai. They kept going when the shot was not perfectly timed, I made them jump and run over and over again. But when you see that shot in the back of the camera you know straight away, that is the one. A massive thank you for your patience.

Before I even started this I knew what I had in mind and what I wanted to create but first I had to talk to someone who has been behind me with ideas and helped me get this off the ground. That was my dance teacher Christine Anderson. I left the dance school over 15 years ago however she still can't get rid of me now… Thank you for your time on this Christine. 

A big shout out goes to a special lady who saw my vision and without her, I don't think I could have created these images. That is to Jenny Blair the amazing lady behind all the dresses that she made for me. We had colours in mind but in regards to the material used and the design that was Jenny's. I now have some amazing dresses that I can use for future dance session moving forwards. Thank you for your support and messages they kept me going. 

Now I'm nearly there but there are two people who I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for getting me passed. And that is my husband Paul. Who had to put up with me and hiding images so I couldn't keep changing things at the last me. And lastly, Kevin Pengelly who has been my mentor throughout this process. I've said thank you so many times but I do really mean it. The advice and direction I have received have made me stop and listen and do things a different way to get them right in camera instead of going 100 miles an hour. 

So all that is left for me to do now is share my panel of craftsman's image. I hope you like them as much as I did taking them.