How To Make Newborn Images Personal?

If you look through social media these days, there are so many photos of newborn babies looking adorable and cute.

However, some newborn photos can look very similar with the poses and if the same colours were used could you tell your baby apart from others?

So, my question is “How can we make your newborn images truly yours?”


I love asking parents to bring little keepsakes or items with a particular meaning, which is why whenever I get a new booking, I ask mum and dad if they have a hobby or interest.

Over the years I have worked with horse lovers, Rugby fans and much more! If you ever wondered if a Rugby ball can look great on camera… it can (but of course… not as cute as the baby)!

At times, however I get asked if parents can bring something more personal.


A recent session I did was for a newborn baby to have a photo taken with his great grandad’s hat.

This item was such a personal item, with an incredible emotional value not only to the parents but for their family.

On the day of the session I explained about putting baby into the hat and the hat being held by dad.

Now for me to do this shot and to keep baby safe I wouldn’t dream of actually putting the baby into the hat but photographing two different set ups and then merging them together.

I decided to record a little video to show you how, sometimes, a little magic is required to create photographs your family will love and treasure forever.

And this, of course, is the final image!

Newborn baby & Grandads Hat

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