Newborn Photography During Lock Down

Having a baby at any time of life can be a bit daunting, let alone right now with everything that is going on. You can't do the things you wish to do and even seeing your friends and family to show off your new arrival is painfully not allowed. Over the passed few weeks I have found a way to do a newborn shoot which is safe, not being in contact with a baby and in line with government guidelines. I have done a newborn session by doing it virtually. Sounds weird right? Not possible? Well I have done it and with Brian and Amy's photoshoot for baby Carter and I am allowed to share their images to show you how I have been able to perform the shoot and capture these images. 

As of June 15th (if what the government has said is allowed – can photography studios can open) I will be doing these virtual shoots within my studio. Having an 8 metre long studio,  I will be able to set up everything safely with me being at one end off my studio, and you at the other. I will be able to control my camera without having to physically hold it. At no time do I need to touch the baby or parents. Instead I will be there to talk you (the parent) through the session every step of the way, and you will be the one who poses your baby.

If you are interested in this it is far better to have a little chat, as the whole concept can sound a little bit scary, and even impossible. Please let me stress that only poses that can be achieved by you under my supervision shall be used. I will not ask you to perform any poses that you do not understand (as I am trained in such poses), therefor there will be not danger to your baby, nor will you feel uncomfortable.

At the moment I have been dropping off equipment to customers houses and talking them through the shoot via a zoom link. With parents trusting me and listening to what I say I have managed to capture a full gallery, even including entire family photos. The files that I have are large files and therefore no quality is lost, as I will have complete remote control over my cameras functions and settings.















Photos below were taken by Brian (Dad) to capture memories of what happened and how we did this shoot. Also to show that I was not in the same room during this session but three miles  away cross town. 


For sessions that will happen in my studio moving forwards, I have cleaning and sanitising procedures in place. Only one newborn session will be completed per day. This will give me time to clean the studio down after each shoot. I shall be wearing a face mask at all times during the sessions, even though I will not be getting close to the baby or to you. Hand sanitiser is already of high importance in my studio and this is something that will only be increased, even after this pandemic has ended.