Personal items is a different way to express the love for your newborn with items from the past or present. This is a one of a kind experience for your shoot that captures your personality throughout the session time. The items can be anything from grandparents hats, sentimental items, old cameras, motorbike helmets, sports memorabilia and even gaming controllers. These items can add meaning to your photos to tell a story of your babies life at the beginning.

A viewing of images that brought us to tears…

Seeing your images for the first time can be emotional. There is a magic that happens capturing a newborn when they are so little. For me, watching people view their images is so rewarding when you see the happiness that photos can create.

At a viewing this week I had the pleasure of showing Savanna, Kane and their family their photos of their new arrival. This photoshoot was based around lots of personal items that they brought in for the session. So seeing their reaction is something that I will never forget.

These memories will be treasured and will be looked back upon in years to come. I always ask if parents want to bring any personal items with them and if they do I will create an image to show these items off with the baby.

The personal items that we used throughout this session was Xbox controllers, gaming headphones, a pseronal photo frame, angel wings and teddies for the new baby.

When the slideshow was viewed the parents had a few tears and seeing how much these images meant to them left us with tears as well. Happy tears I should add.

Photographing on colours you want

Choosing colours is an essential part of my set up, I also find out this information before hand. 

Parents may have a particular colour scheme in mind and may want to match certain colours that they have a special meaning to them. 

Some colours may want to match the baby’s bedroom, or lounge colours. Asking about colour preferences ensures that the parents are involved in the images they would like to be shown on their walls. 


Family photos, oh go on then…

Its not everyones cup of tea to have photos when you have a newborn, but if you feel brave to step in front of the camera this is an amazing time to get the family together. These guys decided to get a few family photos done at the end of their session. The best smile was waiting for the end, when we got a little smile from baby!

A few more photos to share

Sharing photos is not always allowed, however this family were amazing and have let me share their photos. A massive thank you. See you in August x

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime for families in and around Rugby.

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