Photographing Sibings Can Be Hard? Hummm no… But can be a challenge

So you have a newborn baby and you have a lovely idea of the photos that you want. You also have the idea of a beautiful photo of both of your children together. This is ideal, to get at any newborn session and when you have an older sibling this can be a easy photo to get. But when you have a little toddler or a 2 – 3 year old who dont fully understand what is happening, it can be hard. Its always nice to have them being held by their older sister or brother but realistically its not always possible.

Why? You may ask. Well to get them close together its usually the case of the older sibing holding their baby sister or brother and of course holding their head. Some little people dont want to hold them for longer than 2 seconds or to look at the camera at this time. If this is the case when they are in the studio with me, I cheat! I always want to get a sibling shot and if the only way I can do it, is by mixing a few photos together, so be. 

Have a little look at the video below and see how I get around getting the sibling photo done.


Click below to play

This amazing little boy was lovely with his sister, however he wasnt too sure about holding her. So what I did was photograph him on his own with the chair that his sister was going to be in. I then photographed her a few times when I was sat at the side holding her body and head. At no point did I leave her on her own. You will see in the video how much editing can go into a newborn photo. The most important thing for me is baby safety, if the baby is not happy they will let you know and I wont carry on. I work very close with newborns and use a cable released to capture the image I want when Im not behind the camera. 

This session was great, and we managed to get a few different options with them both being in the photo together. There is usually a way to get round these things and if it means I have to sit at the other end of the studio photographing a little person as they really dont want a photo, so be it. As I think, there is always a way…

To find out more information about a newbonr session with your family please get in touch with your due date. I start pre-bookings from 25 weeks of pregnancy. Then when baby arrives we can confirm a date. For any sessions thats are pre-booked I will 100% make sure we can get a session fitted in. 

Thanks for reading and looking at the video clip.