Print That Memory & Print It Big

Welcoming your new baby to the family can be the best time in the world. When baby number four arrives with two adorable big brothers, seeing their bond is something else. I met three handsome little boys and an amazing Mummy who came to the studio for some newborn photos. The session was mainly focused around their newest addition, however when there are older siblings in the family there is nothing nicer than to capture a moment between siblings, or in this case brothers. We managed to get a lovely photo done of all the brothers together, and guess what? The image has been printed and is out on a wall to show to them boys forever. “Print That Memory & it was printed BIG”

Meet Alfie, Riley and Tyler. Their smiles really do speak volumes. I am proud to share a few photos from this session. While chatting away in the studio I discovered that the family love Dumbo the elephant, so I made sure I got baby Alfie in a pose that I could use to add him into a composite image with a Dumbo himself.

I love to do this, as it is so personal to the family and their likes.

Getting a little insight into their personalities and their colours colors of choice,  we ended up with a small selection of images catered towards this, from a baby Bath, to baskets and bowls.

Creating memories that will last a lifetime is my main aim in any session. After the session a piece of artwork was ordered. When it was opened at home I asked Mum if she would kindly take a photo of her boys holding it. Just look at their smiles. This is why I love what I do.

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime. Having images printed to go on the wall is something of a must. One piece that you see every time you pass it. Sometimes having a USB with images on, or photos on your phone is not the most ideal way to show off your images.

Get them printed and get them printed big.

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