I only wished I got one of these when my baby was first born. I could have kept adding to the box over the years. It’s just perfect. More so in real life that from photo’s I saw. 

Bespoke handcrafted memory boxes, personalised with your choice of image on the front of the box. The colours of the box can be designed to match the images to showcase your prints. Inside the box comes with a USB which all your images will be on in one place. Image designs can vary depending on your required. All boxes come as standard with one image on the front. There is an option to add words, name or dates. If this is a requirement please let us know at the design stage. Names are not added on automatically.


This products come as standard with one image on the front of the box. You may wish to add a name and date on the front. If so please let us know that you wish to do this before it goes to print. 

Memory Boxes are becoming more and more popular. Keep your prints and USB all together. Never misplace that USB again. The box can hold up to 50 prints inside of the box so you can add to it over time. Boxes fit 6×4 prints. Colour of box can be designed to match the image on the front with a matching USB.

There is a choice to add words on the cover of the box, thre is no extra charge for this service. As long as we are told before hand.



Yes of course you can. You just have to tell us what writing. The box comes as standard with one image and no writing. However there is no charge to add this option on. The only thing we ask, you must inform us that you would like to do this. Remember if we are not told, it wont be added.

10 to 14 days from finished design.

You can before it goes to print. If you decide to change anything after the memory box is in production you will be charge a reprint fee.



To really get the most out of your products and design please come to the studio to design it together. Wont take long. The choice is yours.