The Signature Collection is all about creating beautiful portraits of your children – and family.

These sessions are completely bespoke and every element, from styling to editing, focuses on combining the “Renaissance” look – with a more contemporary take.

The Renaissance era for portraits grew from the 15th century with stunning paintings that elevate portraits to their highest potential.

These collections of images are shot to capture the emotion in the eyes of the subject: the focal point of our work is your child (or children) and the pure emotional content they project.

The session will last for an hour and my time will be spent setting up and controlling the environment to capture approximately 5 ‘WOW’ images, any which of them you would be proud to display on your wall.

“Biggest difference about all other photography sessions to this one, was how laid back it was.

Lisa knew what she was looking for and I trusted her. SOO glad I did.

I now have a portrait that my daughter can hand down in years to come.
Thank you.”

-A Hains

The aim of these sessions is to take the stress away and guide you, and your children, through the process – no awkward, forced “poses”.

I want to capture the child, the look in their eye that only a parent would know.

I can provide children’s clothing as I want it to be of a basic colour. Creams, browns, greys and blacks work best.

These sessions are aimed at the finished product of wall art.

The product being a photo finish that looks like a painting when close enough, a piece of wall art where you have no option but to stop, look twice to see if it’s a painting or a photo, stare, admire and lose yourself in your thoughts.


“Just amazing. Such a relaxed time, we turned up, photos done and the images are stunning. Aiming to get a handful of images was perfect. I only need one BIG frame to show this stunning image off” K Lesly

Want to Have The Timeless Portrait on Your Walls?

These frames and printing goes to the next level, the Renaissance printing is as unique your child. The frame has no glass but the printing  remains a barrier to enjoying the textured appeal of the paper itself. 

The Renaissance finishing alleviates the need to glaze as the print is expertly hand brushed to fine art print with the best varnish. This does not only protect your inks but maintains the texture you selected Fine Art for in the first place. The result is simply stunning! 

Signature Collection 30x20

  • For all of the above with a bespoke painterly frame at 30x20 (Truro black gilt)
  • Session price included
  • Specific clothing advice, or I can buy the clothes
  • 5 digital files

Signature Collection 40x30

  • For all of the above with a bespoke painterly frame at 40x30 (Truro black gilt)
  • Session price included
  • Specific clothing advice, or I can buy the clothes
  • Minimum 5 digital files or whole gallery

Your images are then edited and only the best is selected for your gallery. This time is around 7 days until you can view your gallery. You will then be invited back for a viewing session at the studio, you can then pick your digital files which you want if you wish to upgrade to extra files or art work you are more than welcome.



7 days to edit the gallery and arrange a viewing session

Other frames are available and bespoke sizing. These can be arranged at viewing session where there is a selection of frame choices available to see and touch.



Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of my photoshoot sessions or would like to book. I look forward to hearing from you to talk about this style of photography.