Getting together with your family is usually a must, a family photo shoot, a family get together. But what about people that aren't your family by blood, but family in your heart. This is my best friend and her family and now she now lives on the other side of the world, getting together is a little harder. It was 2 and a half years since we had seen each other in person (not including facetime, facebook, Skype and any other way we stay in touch)  Our families have always been closed, and before they started their new life in the sun our kids grew up knowing each other very well. At the start of this year, we all got to meet up and make some new memories. Before they moved away we managed to get a photo shoot and so this time when they were home I, of course, dragged them in the studio again.

Now I have an up to date photo of this amazing family on my wall and my children have new photos of their friends in their bedrooms. Keeping friends close even though they live miles away.

For Claire and Martyn.  








A friend of life x