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How Do you Choose a Newborn Photographer

How Do you Choose a Newborn Photographer

How Do you Choose a Newborn Photographer?

Price… products… digital packages… What should you really look for when choosing the right photographer for your newborn baby?

And what are the other maybe more often overlooked aspects of this very special type of photography? For example… Is the photographer trained in safe posing? Can they confidently deal with a baby who doesn’t sleep? Have they got real reviews? 

This blog post guides you through the most important aspects of choosing the right photographer for your newborn photoshoot.

The importance of… the human side

Your newborn photographer will be amongst the first few people to hold your baby… so choosing the right person is essential.

Are you able to chat with your photographer before you book them? Do they seem to rush through the process, or take time to guide you through it?

Does your photographer seem to understand the needs that your baby has? Is their studio specialised?

When you have found a style of photography you like, that’s one step forward but there is so much more to look into than just turning up to a shoot on the day. 


There is no qualification to become a newborn photographer, however, there is plenty of specialist training available – from posing, to safety, styling etc.

When choosing your photographer, it is essential to ensure they have had professional training and they are fully insured.

This means they will be more experienced in understanding and reading baby, and ready to adapt the session to their needs.

You want your baby to feel happy, safe and sleepiness always helps. 

Newborn Photoshoots at Lisa Scott Photography

Over the last 9 years I have invested in my craft of newborn photographer. It has helped me so much having children of my own and looking out for signs when posing babies.

Listening to their sleep breaths is a big step for me. Are they breathing fast? Are they relaxed? Are they happy? If they are not they will soon wake up and cry. If this happens and I can’t settle we stop for cuddles.

At no point will I ever photograph a crying baby. I want to be able to get the perfect photo and if extra time is needed then so be it. I also don’t want you as a new mum or dad to worry about anything I do to get the photo. Ask any questions you like along the way. This may well be your first Photoshoot experience so please ask anything you like.

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime for families in and around Rugby.

To view more work, please visit the newborn gallery Or to book a session please visit the Contact Page.


  • I use sound in the studio to help baby stay settled. Look at the Baby Shhhher.
  • Have you heard of the Rockit? If not why not. You will see one in action on the day.


Ideas For A Cakesmash Birthday

Ideas For A Cakesmash Birthday

Ideas For A Cakesmash Birthday? Is your Baby about to turn one? Do you want to do a party? Have all the mess to clean up after? Or have you thought about doing a cakesmash for you little person?

Whats Included In Your Cake Smash?

The only thing you need to do is inform me what colours or ideas you have. I will arrange the whole set design and get the cake. Our cakes can be made gluten free or if you have other diet requests this can be sorted. Cakes included are Naked Cake (like the photos you see)  Believe if or not, not every child likes the sweeter taste of a cake – Yes this has been know. So I have a back up plan of fruit just in case, this can be added around the edge of the cake to help your little one eat something they know and like.

After the cakesmash, the bath is then brought out and clean up can begins. They can have a splash around and then get dry. At the very end when everything is cleaned away, there is time for a few portrait photos of them. If you wish as a family to have a few photos as well at this milestone you are more than welcome.

Click above to find out more information.

Get their siblings messy too...

Some little people like it when older siblings get in on the action. If you have other children and want them to join in bring them along.


If this is something you wish to have the session is £65.00 which includes an amazing cake. If baby doesn’t completely squash it into the floor you are welcome to take it home. (Cut around it and eat the middle – too good to waste) I need at least 10 days to arrange and sort your session out and of course book the cake lady.

Drop me a message today to arrange your cake. Lots of different backdrops available. See below of some ideas – but remember if you have your own style this can be arranged.



Want to see different ideas on cake, have a little look here at Queen of Tarts.

Lisa Scott Photography specialises in newborn, baby, and Cake Smash photography.

Want to know more about my Cake Smash & Splash photoshoots? Head over HERE

Give me a call. Mobile is 07903733270 or studio number 01788 840302.


Will Baby Enjoy A Cake Smash?

Will Baby Enjoy A Cake Smash?

What’s not to enjoy?

Cake, destruction, and attention? Never mind baby, we want a Cake Smash! 

What is a Cake Smash session?

Cake Smashes are such a lovely way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

They are perfect for capturing your little one’s personality – whether they are cheeky and forward or shy and gentle – you really see who they are in their images.

As the name suggests, it is a photography session where your baby smashes up their birthday cake! Usually incorporating a portrait session before the messiness begins, or after the bathsplash.

They are fantastic for all involved, with an end result of beautiful, fun images to look back on fondly for years to come.

My baby is a little shy, will they still enjoy a Cake Smash?

Whether your baby is gregarious and outgoing or more reserved, we find they all generally enjoy a Cake Smash.

While it is fab to have a baby in the studio who plays to the camera and enthusiastically bashes away at the cake, it is also so cute to capture the little ones who are a bit more reticent too.

Nine times out of 10, even the little ones who were unsure at first, really enjoy themselves once they have warmed up a bit and realise how much fun it is having.

Especially if Mum, Dad or a bigger sibling, helps them smash their cake up too!

Your photographer will do their very best to put your baby at ease, offering encouragement and going at their pace. Taking breaks if needed and just going with the flow.

I'm worried my baby won't smash the cake up! 

Rest assured, it’s not a problem if your little one doesn’t show much interest in the cake bashing. Images taken of them looking solemnly at it are still beautiful! It is all about a portrait of your baby that shows their character. And if your baby is ‘too cool to smash’, that will be reflected beautifully in their images.


My baby is likely to totally destroy the cake and make a mess!

This is totally fine too! Messy babies are happy babies. It is a sensory experience and smashing, bashing and smearing the cake is welcomed. In fact, it is positively encouraged.

Getting ready for your Cake Smash: tips and hints 

If you have booked a Cake Smash session, it is a really good idea to let your little one loose with some cupcakes a few times beforehand.


Pop them in their highchair, with a wooden spoon and encourage them to dig in. Then they won’t be so taken aback when they are given a spoon and have a cake placed in front of them at their Cake Smash session.


It is also a great idea to bring some of their favourite treats or snacks. If they are not keen on the cake, they can be hidden in the icing, to encourage them to break the cake up!


And remember…….


There is no right or wrong way for a Cake Smash session to go! Whether your baby gets fully stuck in or looks at the cake like it is an alien and needs help from mum to bash it up – both make fun, beautiful images. And that is what we want to achieve.

Lisa Scott Photography specialises in newborn, baby, and Cake Smash photography.

Want to know more about my Cake Smash & Splash photoshoots? Head over HERE

Give me a call. Mobile is 07903733270 or studio number 01788 840302.

How can we make your newborn images truly yours

How Can We Make Your Newborn Images Truly Yours?

How To Make Newborn Images Personal?

If you look through social media these days, there are so many photos of newborn babies looking adorable and cute.

However, some newborn photos can look very similar with the poses and if the same colours were used could you tell your baby apart from others?

So, my question is “How can we make your newborn images truly yours?”


I love asking parents to bring little keepsakes or items with a particular meaning, which is why whenever I get a new booking, I ask mum and dad if they have a hobby or interest.

Over the years I have worked with horse lovers, Rugby fans and much more! If you ever wondered if a Rugby ball can look great on camera… it can (but of course… not as cute as the baby)!

At times, however I get asked if parents can bring something more personal.


A recent session I did was for a newborn baby to have a photo taken with his great grandad’s hat.

This item was such a personal item, with an incredible emotional value not only to the parents but for their family.

On the day of the session I explained about putting baby into the hat and the hat being held by dad.

Now for me to do this shot and to keep baby safe I wouldn’t dream of actually putting the baby into the hat but photographing two different set ups and then merging them together.

I decided to record a little video to show you how, sometimes, a little magic is required to create photographs your family will love and treasure forever.

And this, of course, is the final image!

Newborn baby & Grandads Hat

Lisa Scott Photography specialises in newborn, maternity and baby photography for families around Rugby, Coventry, Daventry, Southam.

If you are thinking about a newborn baby photoshoot you can read more here 

Give me a call. Mobile is 07903733270 or studio number 01788 840302.

Newborn Session Package

Newborn Session Package

Newborn Session Package

Wanting to know more about different Newborn Session packages and whats on offer. The Newborn Session Package – Ultimate Print Collection is a popular collection for those who want to show off their prints. Your receive all your digital files from your session and a collection of different size mounted prints. Within the collection you will get:

3 x Mounted 12 x 10 prints

2 x Mounted 10 x 8 Prints

3 x Mounted 8 x 6 Prints

All arriving in 3 bespoke boxes.

There are a few different choices for Newborn Session Packages – Ultimate Print Collection being so popular I decided to show off some recent products. Instead of just reading about them you can see the products you get.

8 bespoke prints of your choice in small, medium & large. This collection can be split down and given to parents, friends and family for birthday presents or to show you family off.

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime. Having images printed to go on the wall is something of a must. One piece that you see every time you pass it. Sometimes having a USB with images on, or photos on your phone is not the most ideal way to show off your images.

Newborn Session Package – Ultimate Print Collection

To view more work, please visit the newborn gallery Or to book a session please visit the Contact Page.

Print That Memory & Print It Big

Print That Memory & Print It Big

Print That Memory & Print It Big

Welcoming your new baby to the family can be the best time in the world. When baby number four arrives with two adorable big brothers, seeing their bond is something else. I met three handsome little boys and an amazing Mummy who came to the studio for some newborn photos. The session was mainly focused around their newest addition, however when there are older siblings in the family there is nothing nicer than to capture a moment between siblings, or in this case brothers. We managed to get a lovely photo done of all the brothers together, and guess what? The image has been printed and is out on a wall to show to them boys forever. “Print That Memory & it was printed BIG”

Meet Alfie, Riley and Tyler. Their smiles really do speak volumes. I am proud to share a few photos from this session. While chatting away in the studio I discovered that the family love Dumbo the elephant, so I made sure I got baby Alfie in a pose that I could use to add him into a composite image with a Dumbo himself.

I love to do this, as it is so personal to the family and their likes.

Getting a little insight into their personalities and their colours colors of choice,  we ended up with a small selection of images catered towards this, from a baby Bath, to baskets and bowls.

Creating memories that will last a lifetime is my main aim in any session. After the session a piece of artwork was ordered. When it was opened at home I asked Mum if she would kindly take a photo of her boys holding it. Just look at their smiles. This is why I love what I do.

Lisa Scott is a Newborn photographer and aims to create memories that will last a lifetime. Having images printed to go on the wall is something of a must. One piece that you see every time you pass it. Sometimes having a USB with images on, or photos on your phone is not the most ideal way to show off your images.

Get them printed and get them printed big.

To view more work, please visit the newborn gallery Or to book a session please visit the Contact Page.


Product Photography With Willow & Hive

Product Photography with Willow & Hive

With a lot of businesses closed over the last month you could say some people have been a little bored? If you are trying to keep your business moving forward with the times and delivering products straight to your customers door, the main thing you need is a good website. But what else you may need is some product photography. I had the pleasure in working with an amazing company based on the out skirts of Rugby Called Willow & Hive. The arrangement of products and ideas I saw throughout the day was amazing to watch. The owner Anda started her business a few years ago which has grown from strength to strength. We managed to get some great product shots for her to advertise her shop online.

So a big question maybe is, who is Willow & Hive?

A bright and bubbly mum of two runs Willow & Hive since 2018 and she believes in the principles of sustainability and taking inspiration from nature and culture Willow & Hive. British designed and handmade leather goods, and gifts make life just that little bit more fabulous and an appreciation for understated aesthetic.
Willow and Hive is all about having a personal touch to the accessories you use every day. The founder, Anda Nason, has worked as a head designer for a leading high street fashion brand, when questioning the waste of the fashion industry she became interested in trying to use off cuts of leather. Based in the countryside on a working farm, whilst on maternity leave, Anda started to connect with the land and re-think about the way we treat the land, so being more sustainable being a key aim. Consequently all our products are designed with three essential ingredients natural, botanical and craft.

Our leather goods are designed and made in our studio, in Warwickshire, England.
We wanted to create something special, long lasting and also a perfect affordable gift, that is something we use everyday combining simple design and function evolved into our leather accessories we produce today.

Willow & Hive


To check out all the amazing products that are on offer with Willow & Hive.




If you are looking for that personal present for someone get in touch with them.

I could share so many photos we got from this session however there would leave no reason to visit Willow & Hive’s web site. So have a little look at the photos that I can do for your business. If you are starting up or fancy a fresh look to your product photos, give me a call. (At the moment I like to talk with adults – as my main conversation these days are with my two little humans!)

Visit Willow & Hive’s site and keep an eye out for the the next big day coming next month! Mothers day. If you are looking for a personal present to the number one lady in your life, start with Willow & Hive.

Spending the day at Willow & Hive’s studio gave me such an insight into how much work goes into each product. The team behind Willow & Hive have worked hard over recent years to grow their brand. I was able to take some behind the scene photos of the work shop, the home made leather products and seeing how the leather is cut until the finished item. Anda’s passion shines through from everything she does and I even managed to catch her cut out new leather from the materials.

If you are looking for any product photography during lockdown, give me a call. Mobil is 07903733270 or studio number 01788 840302.


The Importance of Family Photos

How many people in your family hide or puts their hand up in front of their face whenever a camera appears?

Im sure everyone knows someone who does that, I know I do!

How important are photos when capturing everyone in your family and creating memories for years to come? I dont think you really know how important photographs are until you are looking for one.

You want that one perfect image of someone, capturing their true personality, laughing, smiling or even giving you a hug.


A photograph can bring back memories within a second. You look at that image and before you can blink you remember where you were, what day it was, what happened just before the camera button was pressed and also what happened for the rest of the day. Photographs are memories that you can keep forever. 

Watching a Family Grow


We often don’t know how important capturing these moments on camera are until they have passed. 


So,  I have an amazing family that I have been very lucky enough to capture their memories every year for the last 8 years. Our session’s started off when Harley was just 2 years old, which led to a maternity shoot, newborn shoot with their daughter, a wedding and then every October we do school photos, some Christmas photos and family photos.


I love meeting up with  Kirstie and Lee and to see how much their children have grown. We started doing a side profile image of the 4 of them and now every year we do this. To see the changing of their faces is amazing.


p4048919183-4-5128169K-005@ Lisa Scott Photography



Over time their shoots have gone from little Piper not liking me, to being so shy and not wanting photos, to a shoot this year that seemed so grown up. (She likes me now) I think she has a look for a little model in the making. 





Making memories and capering their family over the years will be something that both Piper and Harley will treasure when they are grown up and possibly have children of their own. To see the differences each year and have wonderful memories with their parents. 





After this year, no one knows what is around the corner, and I certainly don’t take time for granted and know that the people you love the most will not be around forever. This Christmas I plan to take far more photographs of my family than I normally do, purely for the memories.


If you would like to send someone special a gift voucher to be given on Christmas Day, I have vouchers available for you to arrange a family session with your love ones. For more information drop me a message by clicking here or call 07903733270.


A big thank you to Lee & Kirstie for visiting every year and I hope this continues for many more years. And an even bigger thank you for letting me share your photos. xxx 


From your friend (not just your photographer) x 



Behind the scenes of a newborn session with me

Behind the scenes of a newborn session with me

You may think that to have a newborn session so fast after giving birth is the last thing you would want to do. I understand that completely, as it was the last thing on my mind. 

To get out of the house within the first few weeks takes time, practice and sometimes pain and discomfort. I talk from experience as I remember us being a little apprehensive about taking our newly born bundle of joy out of the house, although we were also a little excited.

I can remember the time it took me to get out of the house after both my children. Both births were at the opposite ends of the scale, chalk and cheese. I was worried, unorganized and I didn’t really want to go to our planned newborn session. However, 10 years later I can honestly say that we are so, so pleased we did.

When my little girl was born the first trip we took was to go on a newborn training day. I look back now and think I was either stupid or mad or possibly both. The course was one and a half hours drive away and then 5 hours learning the basics about the art of newborn photography with my new baby as the model. These moments we can't get back and once the day was completed I was so pleased that had had made the effort. Did I feel like going that morning? No. Did I want to stay at home and rest? Yes. The only thing that exceeds our being glad that we did, is the fact that our children now look back on the images we had taken with absolute fascination, pleasure and a love that we had these images of them taken. That is what truly makes us glad we had these shoots.

So enough about my experience has a new mum and here's to some guidance behind the scene of a newborn session. 


And… relax!

Whether you are a tea or coffee person, trust me when I say that in a few weeks being able to sit down with a HOT cup of your favourite drink will sound like HEAVEN.


So when you get to the studio… 

Apart from feeding your baby, I can take care of ensuring your child is comfortable, warm and content so that they sleep well for the shoot. And… believe me I do not get offended if you feel sleepy, I simply want you to have your hot drink and take time to relax and recharge whilst we capture the images.

Now you are now probably wondering why we need the baby to be asleep during the session…


All about sleeping babies… and nappies

In an ideal world a baby will be fast asleep from the moment you arrive till you leave, however this never happens so please don't think that it will. Having a sleeping baby makes a session go a little faster as baby can be moved a little easier when they are still and sleepy. 

Whether your baby is awake or asleep on arrival, I will ask you to undress him or her down to their nappy and then wrap them up in their blanket and just give them cuddles. If baby then falls asleep I start photos on my bean bag first. But if baby is awake please don’t panic, I have other ideas that helps them get to sleep.

Photographing babies with no nappies can look beautiful in photos but behind the scenes mess can and usually does happen. I always say, “it’s not a newborn shoot If I don’t get peed or pooed on at least once” 


The Session

Now that your baby is asleep (or very sleepy) and ready, the session begins!

Once your baby is calm and comfy, I will start posing them and snapping away. I always try to get a few different shots (from differing angles and distances) on a variety of setups with a different array of colours and backdrops.

If you are here, chances are that you have already scrolled through some newborn images and probably have some favourites… and you are wondering if we can take a similar photo with your little one.

The answer is… your baby decides and will let us know!

Every baby is different, and some poses simply do not suit some babies, and this is based on several factors such as your babies age, frame and indeed their personality.

Professional newborn photographers use what’s called a “baby led” workflow: in other words, we adapt our work to the baby at any single point in time.

We obviously start the session with a plan, which is based on what we know works with babies, but we must be ready to “read” the baby and change our plans in real time.

Have you ever seen a photo of a little cutie asleep in a basket… or bucket? 



Well, no matter what our plans may be, we will have to wait until the baby is completely relaxed before attempting a pose such as this. So if I realise the baby is asleep but their muscles are somehow tense… I might decide to wait a little longer before moving to this setup.

With a little help…

Throughout the session I may need a little bit of help from one of you to sit close to the baby if I cannot be close enough to be able to capture the shot. At no point would I ever leave your baby unattended, or without being supported in a safe place and in sight. Baby safety takes priority over any image captured. 



If this is your first baby, this maybe the first time you will be looking into a family photo shoot.

I know from experience that – at this point – your first thought might be “I don’t want to be in the photos! I don’t like the way I look in photos”.

This is natural and please do not stress about it: first, it is my job to ensure the session is a pleasant and relaxing experience for everyone.

Additionally, there are always ways to show that you were indeed there so that your child can see you with them as they grow.

This can simply (but effectively and artistically be) involving your hands and arms in an image, or a cuddle holding your baby in your arms.


Big brothers and sisters are of course invited to join in the session if you wish. They can come for the whole time or join halfway through the session. I can even photograph your baby on their own and then photograph their brother/sister on their own and merge the images together if this makes for a more rounded image of them together.


The main reason that I sometimes suggest this option, is that an older sibling can move fast. I would hate for them to move when holding a newborn baby. Again, baby safety always comes first, so in some instances, this is a perfect solution.  


The reveal! What happens after your Newborn Session

If I had to tell you what are the two sentences I hear more often in the studio, I would probably say “I can’t wait to see the photos!!!” and “It’s too hard to choose, we want them all!”

Since I know how hard it is to wait for your images, I always try to schedule your viewing and ordering appointment within 2 weeks from your shoot date.

Your viewing appointment is just as important as the session, because this is where your photos become “real”: we will take all the time you need to look over your gallery and personalised slideshow to enable you to decide which products and packages suit you best.

Whether you love the idea of a memory box, want prints for grandparents or simply some digital files, I will help you find the perfect products that your family will treasure forever.

Have questions about my newborn sessions? I would love to chat!

I have photographed over 200 babies so whatever doubts, apprehension or questions you might have… I am here to help!

Email or call 07903 733270, I can’t wait to learn more about you and your baby.



Newborn Sessions during lock down

Newborn Photography During Lock Down

Having a baby at any time of life can be a bit daunting, let alone right now with everything that is going on. You can't do the things you wish to do and even seeing your friends and family to show off your new arrival is painfully not allowed. Over the passed few weeks I have found a way to do a newborn shoot which is safe, not being in contact with a baby and in line with government guidelines. I have done a newborn session by doing it virtually. Sounds weird right? Not possible? Well I have done it and with Brian and Amy's photoshoot for baby Carter and I am allowed to share their images to show you how I have been able to perform the shoot and capture these images. 

As of June 15th (if what the government has said is allowed – can photography studios can open) I will be doing these virtual shoots within my studio. Having an 8 metre long studio,  I will be able to set up everything safely with me being at one end off my studio, and you at the other. I will be able to control my camera without having to physically hold it. At no time do I need to touch the baby or parents. Instead I will be there to talk you (the parent) through the session every step of the way, and you will be the one who poses your baby.

If you are interested in this it is far better to have a little chat, as the whole concept can sound a little bit scary, and even impossible. Please let me stress that only poses that can be achieved by you under my supervision shall be used. I will not ask you to perform any poses that you do not understand (as I am trained in such poses), therefor there will be not danger to your baby, nor will you feel uncomfortable.

At the moment I have been dropping off equipment to customers houses and talking them through the shoot via a zoom link. With parents trusting me and listening to what I say I have managed to capture a full gallery, even including entire family photos. The files that I have are large files and therefore no quality is lost, as I will have complete remote control over my cameras functions and settings.















Photos below were taken by Brian (Dad) to capture memories of what happened and how we did this shoot. Also to show that I was not in the same room during this session but three miles  away cross town. 


For sessions that will happen in my studio moving forwards, I have cleaning and sanitising procedures in place. Only one newborn session will be completed per day. This will give me time to clean the studio down after each shoot. I shall be wearing a face mask at all times during the sessions, even though I will not be getting close to the baby or to you. Hand sanitiser is already of high importance in my studio and this is something that will only be increased, even after this pandemic has ended.