Ideas For A Cakesmash Birthday

Ideas For A Cakesmash Birthday? Is your Baby about to turn one? Do you want to do a party? Have all the mess to clean up after? Or have you thought about doing a cakesmash for you little person?

Whats Included In Your Cake Smash?

The only thing you need to do is inform me what colours or ideas you have. I will arrange the whole set design and get the cake. Our cakes can be made gluten free or if you have other diet requests this can be sorted. Cakes included are Naked Cake (like the photos you see)  Believe if or not, not every child likes the sweeter taste of a cake – Yes this has been know. So I have a back up plan of fruit just in case, this can be added around the edge of the cake to help your little one eat something they know and like.

After the cakesmash, the bath is then brought out and clean up can begins. They can have a splash around and then get dry. At the very end when everything is cleaned away, there is time for a few portrait photos of them. If you wish as a family to have a few photos as well at this milestone you are more than welcome.

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Get their siblings messy too...

Some little people like it when older siblings get in on the action. If you have other children and want them to join in bring them along.


If this is something you wish to have the session is £65.00 which includes an amazing cake. If baby doesn’t completely squash it into the floor you are welcome to take it home. (Cut around it and eat the middle – too good to waste) I need at least 10 days to arrange and sort your session out and of course book the cake lady.

Drop me a message today to arrange your cake. Lots of different backdrops available. See below of some ideas – but remember if you have your own style this can be arranged.



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