Will Baby Enjoy A Cake Smash?

What’s not to enjoy?

Cake, destruction, and attention? Never mind baby, we want a Cake Smash! 

What is a Cake Smash session?

Cake Smashes are such a lovely way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

They are perfect for capturing your little one’s personality – whether they are cheeky and forward or shy and gentle – you really see who they are in their images.

As the name suggests, it is a photography session where your baby smashes up their birthday cake! Usually incorporating a portrait session before the messiness begins, or after the bathsplash.

They are fantastic for all involved, with an end result of beautiful, fun images to look back on fondly for years to come.

My baby is a little shy, will they still enjoy a Cake Smash?

Whether your baby is gregarious and outgoing or more reserved, we find they all generally enjoy a Cake Smash.

While it is fab to have a baby in the studio who plays to the camera and enthusiastically bashes away at the cake, it is also so cute to capture the little ones who are a bit more reticent too.

Nine times out of 10, even the little ones who were unsure at first, really enjoy themselves once they have warmed up a bit and realise how much fun it is having.

Especially if Mum, Dad or a bigger sibling, helps them smash their cake up too!

Your photographer will do their very best to put your baby at ease, offering encouragement and going at their pace. Taking breaks if needed and just going with the flow.

I'm worried my baby won't smash the cake up! 

Rest assured, it’s not a problem if your little one doesn’t show much interest in the cake bashing. Images taken of them looking solemnly at it are still beautiful! It is all about a portrait of your baby that shows their character. And if your baby is ‘too cool to smash’, that will be reflected beautifully in their images.


My baby is likely to totally destroy the cake and make a mess!

This is totally fine too! Messy babies are happy babies. It is a sensory experience and smashing, bashing and smearing the cake is welcomed. In fact, it is positively encouraged.

Getting ready for your Cake Smash: tips and hints 

If you have booked a Cake Smash session, it is a really good idea to let your little one loose with some cupcakes a few times beforehand.


Pop them in their highchair, with a wooden spoon and encourage them to dig in. Then they won’t be so taken aback when they are given a spoon and have a cake placed in front of them at their Cake Smash session.


It is also a great idea to bring some of their favourite treats or snacks. If they are not keen on the cake, they can be hidden in the icing, to encourage them to break the cake up!


And remember…….


There is no right or wrong way for a Cake Smash session to go! Whether your baby gets fully stuck in or looks at the cake like it is an alien and needs help from mum to bash it up – both make fun, beautiful images. And that is what we want to achieve.

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